Something miraculous happens with the river Rhine in the Rheingau: whereas the river’s course is northbound from its source to its estuary, it changes directions for 35km: here the Rhine flows from east to west, providing sun-kissed, south-facing slopes for our vineyards.
This ideal microclimate is the basis for Rheingau`s finest and world-renowned vineyards. Rheingau and Riesling – an ideal pair! About 80% of the wine-growing area in the Rheingau is Riesling, some sites are world-famous.

The Rheingau is one of the oldest wine-growing regions in the world and has a rich cultural history. Visit castles, mansions and monuments (www.rheingau.de) or a hike on the popular Rheinsteig (www.rheinsteig.de). Enjoy the Rheingau Music (www.rheingau-musik-festival.de) and Gourmet Festival, Glorious Days and many more events!

Rheingau, Barth, VDP

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